Invite a Legend Into Your Home

Invite a Legend Into Your Home

Buy a print from a world-renowned artist

Where would the world be without country music? How would American music sound without the likes of Dolly, Johnny, Loretta, Willy or Waylon?

It’s too awful to think about!

If you want to honor one of country music’s greatest icons, buy a one-of-a-kind portrait from The Artist of Legends Jerry Harris. Renowned throughout the country music world as a painter of great passion and amazing skill, Jerry Harris has captured the visage and spirit of hundreds of musicians, singers and movie stars.

Different sizes and frames are available. Order a print today!

Show off your western style

In addition to his work in portraiture, Jerry Harris paints breathtaking images of western scenery and pop culture. You’ll be amazed by his prints of:

  • Cowboys
  • Movie stars
  • Wildlife scenes
  • Former presidents
  • Religious figures

Invest in artwork that you’ll be proud to display. Order a print from Jerry Harris today!