Remember That Smile Forever

Commission a portrait from The Artist of Legends

Does your husband or wife have the most amazing smile? Do you want to remember the unmistakable sparkle in your granddaughter’s eyes?

The Artist of Legends Jerry Harris can take your favorite photograph of a family member and turn it into something truly special. As a painter of famous musicians and celebrities, he knows how to capture and distill an individual’s best features. You’ll be amazed by what he can create for you!

Give them something they’ll treasure forever

Unlike a simple photograph, a canvas portrait is a timeless keepsake that can be handed down from generation to generation. Also, it’s the perfect way to memorialize someone who has passed away.

Here’s how you can commission a painting of your own:

  • Find your favorite photograph of a friend or loved one
  • Choose a close-up, highly detailed photograph
  • Email Jerry Harris the image
Do you have any questions? Contact The Artist of Legends, Jerry Harris today!

The paintings of the legends below are great examples of our custom work

John Wayne painting was auctioned at his museum for $5000.

Charley Pride hanging in his office.

Loretta Lynn painting now hanging in her living room.

Ann Margret purchased by her niece.

Tammy Wynette purchased by a fan

You don't have to be a legend to have a painting by
Jerry Harris, The Artist of Legends!

Retired Judge in Oklahoma

Preacher of local church and wife.

Daughter and Grand Children of Beth Petty. Manager of Hank Williams Museum.