Check Out Our Custom Designs

Check Out Our Custom Designs

Make matching shirts for your club or team in Shreveport, LA

Jerry Harris Originals, L.L.C. is the perfect place to stock up on matching apparel for your organization. Choose from our:

  • T-shirts – the classic choice for clubs and organizations
  • Tank tops – perfect for fraternity or sorority rush tops
  • Sweatshirts – great for fall or winter outdoor sports teams
  • Long-sleeves – make a statement with logos down the sleeves

Stop by our Shreveport, LA store today to see our selection and speak with a designer.

Support a local business in Shreveport, LA

For more than 47 years, Jerry Harris and his associates have been designing shirts and decals in Shreveport, LA. If you value supporting your local businesses and purchasing quality products made right the first time, choose Jerry Harris Originals. Jerry and his team always take their time to make sure you’re getting quality work on every single shirt or promo product. Plus, he always follows through with the timeline and delivery plans you establish, so you’ll get everything on time.

Trust Jerry Harris Originals for all your custom shirt and decal needs. Call 318-861-7727 to place an order today.

You call the shots

Call 318-861-7727 to start creating your own unique T-shirts, tank tops, long-sleeve shirts or sweatshirts for your team or family reunion in Shreveport, LA.